Candlestick Patterns: – Why is a chart important for online trading?

To perform sophisticated technical analysis, modern online traders use various digital tools. Some of the most widely used tools were invented long before the advent of e-commerce. We mean candlestick patterns. They have been around since at least the 18th century. They were invented in Japan and have remained the same ever since. Their main function is to predict and identify price movements in the financial markets. This brief overview will explain how candlestick patterns could be used to reveal bullish or bearish indicators. Let’s get down to business!


These cards are very popular with beginners and more experienced users. They provide valuable and very useful information. This data is also easy to access. That’s how they see charts.

  • Candles that have a higher close value than the open are considered green or white.
  • Candles whose open value is higher than the close value are considered red or black.
  • The parts called “shadows” and “wicks” indicate rising or falling prices. These are the parts of the candles above and below the real body.

These patterns serve the most common purpose of giving traders a clue – whether the indicator suggests buying or trading. There are several types of candlesticks. They are all used for different purposes.

  • Bearish candles indicate that the uptrend is over.
  • Bullish candles signal that the downtrend is about to end.
  • Some candles reflect the indecision of market participants.
  • Some bullish and/or bearish patterns can only be identified by using multiple candles.

This style of chart is very popular because it can be used in all time periods. This allows for efficient technical research that can be performed with a variety of instruments. These models can be applied to different markets. They can be used to predict future price movements for trading stocks, currency pairs or indices. Their principle of use is exactly the same for all markets and trading platforms. This is why traders combine them with sophisticated technical instruments. This strategy can increase your chances of making profitable trades, even if no one can guarantee you a profit.

Why is a chart important for online trading

This design is extremely useful and informative. Candlestick charts provide information about the open, close, high, low, and close times for each time frame, rather than line charts. It is much easier to understand current conditions and predict future trends with this data. We have already mentioned that all this information is contained in only two components of a candle: its body (wicks) and its head. The body of the candle is formed between the close and open prices of the bar. If the indicators show a decline in the price of your asset, it will be colored red. If the trend is up, it will be colored green. Charts can be used to simply inform traders of current price trends.

Also, it is important to note the wicks on the candle for analysis. The extensions of these wicks indicate the highest or lowest price between the open and the close. These prices will be identical so the candle will have no wicks. There are many options for the body. It depends on the trend of fluctuations in the value of the product. The candle body will look flat if you have the opening and closing equal.

Identify candlestick patterns

This is the part of our review that teaches you to recognize bullish or bearish indicators by the shape, color, and shadows of a candle. These are the most common forms: “morning star”, “hammer” and “Doji candle”. The more information a model contains, the more complex it is. You may not need to know all the complex candle variations if you are a beginner in online trades. To identify bullish and bearish patterns, you can use the simplest candlestick patterns like inverted, hanged, and start firing.

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