CoinShares brings institutional crypto trading strategies to retail investors

CoinShares, Europe’s largest full-service digital asset trading and investment group, has launched HAL, a crypto-asset trading strategy platform for retail investors.

Jean-Marie Mognetti

Jean-Marie Mognetti, CEO of CoinShares, said the biggest players in the digital asset industry are large exchanges that offer pure direct market access.

“We thought it was time for the digital asset industry’s leading investment firm to share its knowledge with crypto traders, which means sharing some of its advanced quantitative strategies – all to democratize professional trading. of crypto,” he told Traders Magazine.

“We believe the trading bot industry has been viewed as a scam for far too long. CoinShares, as a full-service digital asset trading and investment group, aims to restore this quantitative know-how to crypto traders in their rightful place,” he added.

HAL simplifies crypto trading by providing all exchange users with access to trading algorithms designed by CoinShares quants.

“HAL makes advanced crypto trading effortless,” Mognetti emphasized.

“We provide instant and easy access to automated strategies and indices designed by professional quants. It’s very simple: connect HAL to your favorite exchanges (Binance, FTX, Kraken, Bitfinex), choose your trading strategies, monitor results on a single dashboard,” he said.

“Some of our strategies allow you to HODL intelligently by smoothing out crypto volatility,” he added.

According to Mognetti, through HAL, traders will have access to a variety of active trading algorithms that automate the following strategies:

· Wise the strategies are daily long-only trend following strategies. They are designed to participate in market upsides and turn neutral when they sense a price drop. It is designed using a mixture of long term trend following and mean reversion algorithms. Their trading horizon is medium to long term, holding out for days or weeks.

· Impulse the strategies are hourly long-short trend following strategies. They aim to profit from both rising and falling prices. They can do this by going long, neutral, or short and are always active in the market (unlike Wise strategies, which can only go long and go neutral in downtrends). Their trading horizon is short, just one hour.

· Choice of artificial intelligence (AI) is a multi-coin strategy, trading BTC and ETH following hourly or daily signals. It relies on deep learning / neural networks to process a multitude of data and make complex decisions. This neural network has been tested and trained to choose what it thinks are the best ETH or BTC strategies for the next 24 hours. The strategy takes into consideration 9 different CoinShares BTC and ETH strategies – some of which are not disclosed on the platform – covering a wide typology of transactions. For example, Wise:ETH and Wise:BTC are long-only strategies, while Pulse:ETH and Pulse:BTC are long-short strategies. The frequencies also vary, from the medium term (weekly signals) to the short term (daily and hourly signals). Because of this, the characteristics of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pick may vary from day to day.

· Dynamicwhich is a low volatility, absolute return strategy, combines and balances several strategies to allow more or less exposure to various assets depending on market conditions.

· Thematic Index Strategies (soon), will allow users to expose themselves to a cryptographic theme (or “universe”). The asset universe is defined and monitored by a monthly committee at CoinShares. The index is weighted and rebalanced on a weekly basis, using a deep learning model which, according to our tests, outperforms an equally weighted or market capitalization index over the long term.

“We currently provide 16 strategies. For Pulse & Dynamic strategies, we allow Bitcoin and Ethereum trading,” Mognetti commented.

He said Wise strategies support Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Matic, XRP, Cardano, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin.

“We plan to add more and more long-only strategies that support the most popular coins. We have a weekly dedicated investment committee that reviews our team’s strategies as we plan to add new strategies regularly developed by our quant team,” he added.

“We will also provide rebalancing hints in the coming weeks,” he said.

HAL cannot currently be released to US users, but is currently released in Europe and is offered for €19.90 per month with no strategy selection limits.

The launch of HAL is part of the broader integrated strategy of CoinShares, which, having provided exposure to digital assets to traditional finance players via its suite of crypto ETPs, is now aimed at the target audience of traders from crypto.

“We want to bring value-added investment products to crypto investors. Direct market access is already done in the industry, our mission is to build the future of investing, tomorrow we want to offer advanced and transparent investment platforms for investors who want exposure to crypto” , concluded Mognetti.

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