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There are two basic things to know about online scams. The first is that the vast majority of all online brokerage firms are legit. The second is that while most brokers are safe and ethical, there are non-brokers who sell services to potential traders. A small percentage of these traders aim to extract money from new traders and investors through all sorts of scams, scams and shady dealings. If you intend to buy or sell any type of securities, commodities or any other financial instrument through a computer, it is important to be aware of the types of situations that can be dangerous.

The definition of dangerous, in this case, means one in which a nefarious person or organization has the potential to obtain your hard-earned money without giving appropriate value in return. What are the most common pitfalls that new and inexperienced people tend to fall into? In addition to black box systems, some of which sell for huge sums of money, there are unlicensed offshore brokerage firms, firms that charge large opening balances, and firms that charge fees, commissions and other miscellaneous and inappropriate charges. holders. Here’s how to spot a shady deal before you get stung by it.

Black box systems

Black boxes have been around for a long time, ever since the advent of e-commerce over 20 years ago. The modern version of the gimmick is for a company to offer a software package that renders business decisions for customers. Black box vendors do not reveal the calculations or reasoning behind software choices, which is why it is called a closed system or black box. It is essential to know that some of the best-selling products in this field cost exorbitant sums. But despite their high prices, they do not perform better than the standard algorithms and programs available on the retail market at modest prices. You will know that a system is closed, or black, if it does not explain why it has chosen securities.


Believe it or not, there are many unlicensed brokerage firms out there, the vast majority of which operate as offshore entities. As opposed to a trusted forex broker, you might come across a service provider that claims to offer extremely low commissions and minimal opening balances. It all sounds good until you realize that your money could be gone any minute if the owners decide to disappear. Unlicensed and unregulated companies routinely locate their headquarters in countries where there are no regulatory laws, no requirement for these companies to be licensed, and little protection for consumers or account holders.

What can you do to avoid this kind of financial danger? Always look for official licenses from any company you intend to do business with. Also, do this before transferring funds to an account. In most cases, shady companies can be avoided by sticking with bigger, better-known online brokers that have thousands of happy customers, have been around for several years, and get great reviews. on trusted financial websites. Bitter isn’t always better, but in e-commerce, the biggest companies are usually the ones that became that way for a reason. The reason is that people love what they have to offer and trust them to provide top-notch services.

Opening sales

One of the main areas where competitive companies compete is in opening balances. Fortunately, this type of healthy competition is a win-win situation for potential consumers and account holders. What is the surest sign of a scammer in the financial services industry? Unusually high opening minimums for new accounts. The most respected and popular online brokers make it easy for new clients to get started. However, the majority of scammers and illegitimate brokers demand excessive opening balances, which often disappear after customers transfer their money to the account.

Unusual fees, commissions and charges

Keep in mind that there are instances where completely legit, licensed and insured brokerage firms charge extra fees for dozens of daily services. These same companies are quick to set commissions at levels well above the industry standard. Likewise, you might come across otherwise legitimate organizations that charge excessive amounts just for making routine purchases and sales. Entities that sting their customers with exorbitant fees and other charges can get away with it for a few years. After that, enough people learn to avoid them and end up going bankrupt. For traders, it is essential to read the fine print of contracts before signing with a trading company.

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