Automated Trading Strategies: 4 Compelling Reasons to

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Due to the increased visibility of Automated Trading Systems (ATS), via our July 7 press release, ATS would like to take this opportunity to enumerate the distinct differences between ourselves and our competitors for Family Offices and the Wealth Management community.

Unlike so many of our competitors, Automated Trading Strategies’ New API Product Enables Availability on All Major Platforms– no need to open additional accounts, (with all necessary documents), at other brokerage houses; Also, Automated trading strategies allow you to choose which exchanges you trade: Nasdaq, S&P, Russell, Dow, or any combination thereof.

Plus, unlike many of our competitors, our strategies are updated weekly to increase the chances of profitabilitycoupled of course with multi-year back testing.

Finally, and this is incredible, not all of our competitors give weekly strategy performance. We do. Will always be.

Chief Revenue Officer, James DeMoray, said: “We believe we offer a superior product range through the use of our API robots, providing the customer with multiple choices between exchanges, as well as our weekly updates strategies and our performance data on a weekly basis.”

We invite interested parties to view our website which includes pricing, weekly strategy performance and the ability to book a demo.


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