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Napbots brings automated trading to the table, simplifying the entire trading process.

In the ever-changing world of crypto, automated trading first emerged as another trend. Many people, however, were skeptical despite the promises made by this new sector, and they had every reason to be.

The crypto industry is full of trends. Many would say this is a fantastic sign of continued progress. While others believe that passing trends harm the ecosystem more than they help it.

Fortunately, auto trading has demonstrated over time that it indeed has enough value to go beyond being just another hype in a long list of many. This innovation lives on, as evidenced by its continued appeal.

let’s look Napbotsan automated trading system designed to provide the best trading strategies to anyone new to trading.

Napbots in a nutshell

Launched in 2018, Napbots was born out of a vision to provide expert trading strategies to traders who are new to the field. Coinshares, the largest digital asset investment company in Europe (managing billions of dollars) acquired Napbots in 2021.

What started as a vision to provide traders with transparency and access to simple trading strategies brought Napbots to where they are today.

There are hundreds of automated robots that promise the best strategies and the best returns. But not all claims are reliable. Napbots users receive the most sophisticated trading strategies designed by expert traders, simplifying the whole process.

How does Napbots work?

Getting into trading and mastering it is not an easy process. It is indeed a long process to manage. This is where Napbots comes to the rescue. Napbots puts proven crypto trading strategies curated and performed by the experts at Coinshares on the table.

The whole process is simplified so traders don’t need to spend hours learning different strategies. Napbots provide simple to use algorithmic strategies. All you have to do is follow three simple steps.

  • Connect your favorite exchange: The first step is to connect your favorite crypto exchange to begin the process. Your funds are completely secure and Napbots will not have access to them. Currently, it supports exchanges including Kraken, Binance, FTX, Bitfinex, OKex, and more exchanges will be added later.
  • Select your strategies: Once you’ve completed the main stage, choose the strategy you want to follow. There are dozens of them and users can choose the one they like best.
  • Enable policies: Finally, you can go ahead and activate your bot, sit back and watch the bot do its magic. Throughout the process, you can also adjust your investment and your strategy.

Key Features of Napbots

Napbots are more than just bots. Unlike normal robots designed to perform a specific task, Napbots are highly programmed robots designed to perform complex operations.

  • Skill: Napbots is created by a team of professionals and experts to ensure that the best strategies are given to users. Unlike newbie traders offering temporary strategies, Napbots have years of proven experience and confidence gained through years of expertise.
  • Simple and straightforward: Unlike platforms that have a complex user interface and are difficult to navigate, Napbots is built differently. The team made sure to keep the platform easy to use for beginners and to make the whole process easy from first to last.
  • Transparency: The whole process is seamless and users can track everything from their dashboard. The whole process is accelerated with each strategy clearly explained to traders.
  • Various strategies: The platform offers various strategies, including smart hold strategies (Wise), more dynamic strategies (Pulse), and artificial intelligence (AI) strategies. The team plans to add dynamic indexes to the platform soon.
  • Dedicated learning section: To make sure everyone stays educated on the very basic fundamentals, the platform has a dedicated “Learn” section. The section will give an in-depth knowledge of different strategies and Napbots.

What’s new? Napbots V2

Napbots has been providing traders with effective strategies since 2018. After the acquisition by CoinShares in 2021, napbots underwent a major upgrade. The new version which was rolled out in July 2022 has a bunch of new features for traders.

The new V2 will offer better trading opportunities, more transparency, more flexibility and a sleeker and simpler design.

Better business opportunities

Apart from the old trading opportunities, the new V2 robots will offer well-researched strategies and more trading opportunities. It will provide traders with different strategies to choose from and also give them the option to set the maximum amount of funds to spend on each type of account.

Dynamic indexes are coming soon

Dynamic index clustering is another feature coming soon. It will automatically scale assets by buying the best performing cryptos and selling the worst performing ones. The index is developed with the vision of providing more strategies to its users.

Improved flexibility

Napbots tries to provide a flexible and easy-to-access platform for all users, no matter where they come from. The platform responds quickly and users can move seamlessly between different sections of the platform.

It is the only robot trading platform that charges user fees under the terms of user allowances. There are no hidden charges or fees; everything is transparent. For every $100 invested, there is only €2.00 in fees. Allocations below $200 are free. Also, for allocations over $25,000, the costs are capped at €500.

Simpler and cleaner design

The entire platform is designed based on simplicity so that users can have a comfortable and easy experience. Simpler designs will make users feel lost among the crowd.

V2 robots are better in terms of simplicity, transparency and fairness. There is also a better pricing system compared to the old model.

Final Thoughts

With organized strategies and improved bot upgrade, Napbots tries to simplify the whole trading process. There are hundreds of bots that claim to provide the best trading strategy for experienced traders. Most of them are not for beginners and are only meant for short-term success.

And most so-called experienced traders offer short-term strategies that are only temporarily effective. What sets Napbots apart is the experienced and proven team that builds the bots. The strategies on the platform have proven to be effective in the long run and this differentiates professionals from future experts.

If you are someone who does not have enough time to study crypto and want to trade, Napbots is the platform for you check. With its effective long-term strategies and established trust, Napbots is designed to provide the best and most successful trading experience.

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