Coinrule updates crypto trading strategies for its traders

New Crypto Trading Strategies

Coinrule has added new strategies that not only allow traders to protect their portfolios, but also to take advantage of downtrends.

LONDON, UK, July 11, 2022 / — The most recent crypto bull market first erupted after the Covid crash in March 2020. Over the next 19 months, the total crypto market capitalization increased by 2,700% – from a paltry $108 billion and peaking in November 2021 at a colossal $3 trillion. During this period, traders were rewarded by buying dips and holding their tokens, expected prices would continue to rise as enthusiasm and money continued to flow into the market, pushing price targets upper. In today’s market, those emotions seem to be all over the world with bitcoin down around -70% from its all-time high of $69,000. The previous approach of buying retracements in the hope that coins will rise is no longer profitable in these market conditions, forcing traders to take a different approach.

Oleg Giberstein, Co-founder and COO of Coinrule ( an automated crypto trading bot platform, suggests that many crypto traders and investors have not experienced these market conditions: “We had hundreds of thousands of traders joining Coinrule throughout the bull run, with their strategies primarily focused on buying low and selling high. This principle works well when the market is up but fails when it is down. Many users who join us are new to trading and investing and have only experienced the rise of the market. When the market turns bearish, it can come as a surprise, psychologically and financially, as they have never experienced prolonged downtrends with little knowledge of how to trade them. In the absence of the use of automated trading, this change in market conditions can lead to poor decision making as emotions are now involved and ultimately lead to an increasing likelihood of losing money.

Oleg Giberstein goes on to say that Coinrule offers a wide selection of tried and tested pre-made templates that users can simply select and immediately start trading, saving traders the hassle of developing their own strategies. “We are always experimenting and researching new models to add to our model library. We first start with an idea that could work in current and future market conditions. We then test it using historical data from a wide selection of coins and calibrate the strategy to ensure it has been profitable in the past in similar market conditions as the market is currently experiencing.Once the strategy is profitable and beats buying and holding, or simply holding cash in a downtrend, we then build the strategy using our rules builder and start trading it in the market using different exchanges.Once we are happy with its performance, we will will then publish for our users to interact with.

Giberstein details that over the past few months, Coinrule has been dedicated to developing strategies that focus on exploiting downtrends and protecting traders’ portfolios during them. “We started noticing the market was turning at the end of 2021, so we started developing a new range of models focused on protecting traders’ portfolios and also on making profits by short selling, the selling and buying process at These rules are designed using indicators and include things like moving averages, volume and relative strength index, as well as price movements during certain time periods. worked in these market conditions as they are designed to trigger and sell coins based on indicators showing bearish conditions and then buy back the coins lower for a profit.

When Giberstein was asked about market conditions that may occur in the future, he suggested that there may be a period of indirection where there will be no clear trend. “We are not sure how long the downtrend will last, in 2018-2019 we had periods of several months where there was no trend, but we also created models that work well during these periods of downtrends. accumulation where markets are trading sideways without any clear direction e.g. our Grid Trading strategies We also have several dollar cost averaging related patterns where coins can be bought every few minutes up to This is ideal for hodlers who want to acquire more of their catch in the long run without having to press a button for months.

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