Automated Trading Strategies, (ATS), presents the API version of its successful trading robots

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CAPE CORAL, Florida., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Automated Trading Strategies, long known for its ELD-format automated trading robots on the Tradestation platform, has announced the availability of its trading robots for use in wealth management offices around the world.

Kristin Luprich, Managing Member of Automated Trading Strategies, said, “We are thrilled to finally bring our powerful trading robots to the wealth management community at a cost that meets the needs of hundreds of small family offices across the world, and at an easily amortized cost. on all of its clientele, thus allowing managers to efficiently obtain an excellent return on investment.”

The new API product is available on all major platforms, allowing all wealth management firms to exercise opportunities that have historically only been available to the largest investment firms.

We invite interested parties to view our website which includes pricing, weekly strategy performance and the ability to book a demo.


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