This Anonymous Auto-Wallah Stock Trader Is The Working Class Hero Nifty Needs Today

Photo: Twitter

“Be greedy when others are scared,” the stock market saying goes. Retail investors rushed for action on stock prices, looking for the wave of return to the top after the historic stock market plunge of March 2020, and rewarded them. Nifty has delivered double-digit returns over the past two years. Cut to 2022, the crashing markets have humiliated many traders, but not the anonymous F&O trader who also happens to be a car driver or a “former trader who took up driving an auto rickshaw” who has it all lost in the market – in the words of a very entertaining Twitter comment. Confused? U.S. too.

Twitter user @tony_gazillioni recounted the car ride of a lifetime during which the driver shared strategies for generating profits in the futures and options segment of the market. Be warned, F&O trading is not for the faint of heart of your average Joe (or Janardan) trader.

“The auto guy started a few minutes after I sat down because he wanted to wait for his setup. Shared his strategy: Pivots + ST on the option charts. Enter when he breaks a level and the super trend says come on Out in 5 mins Needless to say he dgaf on bhaada“, tweeted @tony_gazillioni.

To back up his claim, the Twitter user who is also into stock trading shared photos of the mobile trading platform the car driver uses to bet on price stocks as he swerves with casually on city roads. The veracity of the post could not be independently established by ET Now Digital.

5 minutes mein nikal jaane ka. Ekdum bade bade much daalo bina darr ke (Get out after 5 minutes. Take big positions without fear),” the driver-auto-trader lectured while sharing his tips for effective trading.

China Russia milke plan kiya hain yeh. Inflation nahi hota toh market kaha girta (China and Russia have it all figured out. The market wouldn’t have fallen without inflation,” he added, referring to the recent market downturn which is widely attributed to geopolitical tensions and the action of central banks to control inflation.

Needless to say, the incident reaffirms the firm belief that millions of retail investors still hold the domestic market despite the relentless sell-off from foreigners in recent months. The anonymous auto-wallah trader is the working-class hero Nifty needs today! And all of us too.

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