Autorickshaw Driver is a full time stock trader and shares his trading setup

Many of us still struggle to understand the stock market and its various trading instruments. However, if we needed more motivation to learn and invest in stocks, this incident will certainly serve as a catalyst.

A Twitter user named @tony_gazillioni shared an intriguing story. He shared how his rickshaw driver gave him advice on options trading and shared his strategy regarding pivots and super trends.

Car driver gives options trading advice to man

After boarding the car, apparently in Pune, the driver told the man to wait a few minutes before putting his setup in order. The racing driver then shared his option chart strategy with the man.

“The auto guy started a few minutes after I sat down because he wanted to wait for his setup. Shared his strategy: Pivots + ST on the option charts. Enter when he breaks a level and the super trending says go. Get out in 5 minutes,” the tweet read.

The Twitter user shared more details about his conversation with the car driver.

Responding to his own tweet, he wrote: “5 minutes mein nikal jaane ka. Ekdum said many daalo bina darr ke” “China Russia milke plan kiya hain yeh. Inflation nahi hota toh market kaha girta.

The user also shared a small snippet of his conversation, “Me: “main bhi Karta hoon options trading” Him: “Do you buy, do you sell? Me: “both” Him: “arre nahi karne ka sell. 29 din paisa Banta hain ek din me saara chala jaata hain “Just amazed beyond words,” he wrote.

Twitter reacts to car driver trading setup

Since sharing, the tweet has garnered over 1,800 likes and tons of comments.

Last year, a picture of a car driver from Mumbai checking the stock market on her mobile phone has gone viral. The photo was shared on Twitter by a financial analyst named Dinesh Sairam on Twitter.

In the photo, the car driver was checking the price of the day from Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC).

In the photo, the automatic driver was checking the day

Dinesh’s caption read: “This image of a car driver on the roads of Mumbai looking at the PFC stock chart went viral today. People are saying it’s a ‘top indicator’. Anyway Either way, it’s encouraging to see non-salaried people getting into investing. Hope he gets some good advice.

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