Investors Trade Shares Worth N898 Billion in 4 Months

The summary of equity trading in the four months to April 30 shows that investors in the Nigerian stock market traded shares worth N898.08 billion, for shares worth N836.46. billion naira traded in the same period in 2021.

During the reporting period, domestic investors were responsible for 742.09 billion naira (658.21 billion naira for the same period in 2021) of equity transactions, or 82.63% of the total traded value.

Domestic retail investors accounted for N333.84 billion while domestic institutional investors traded shares worth N408.25 billion. During the same four-month period, foreign investors traded shares worth N155.99 billion or 17.37%. Foreign inflows were 70.35 billion naira (it was 78.31 billion naira in the same period in 2021) against foreign outflows of 85.64 billion naira (99.94 billion naira in the same period in 2021).

Month-on-month, total transactions on the national stock exchange increased by 11.13%, from 185.26 billion naira (about $445.25 million) in March 2022 to 205.88 billion naira (about $494.26 million) in April 2022.

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The performance as of April 30 compared to the performance of April 2021 (159.93 billion naira) revealed that total transactions increased by 28.73%. In April 2022, the total value of trades executed by domestic investors exceeded trades executed by foreign investors by approximately 74%.

Further, analysis of total transactions executed between April and March 2022 revealed that total domestic transactions increased by 24.96% month-on-month from N143.09 billion in March. to 178.80 billion naira in April 2022. In contrast, total foreign transactions decreased by 35.78% from 42.17 billion naira (about $101.36 million) to 27.08 billion naira ( approximately $65.01 million) between March 2022 and April 2022.

Institutional investors outperformed retail investors month over month by 24%. A comparison of national transactions for the current month and the previous month (March 2022) revealed that retail transactions increased by 12.56% from 60.61 billion naira in March 2022 to 68.22 billion naira in April 2022. The institutional composition of the domestic market increased by 34.07% from 82.48 billion naira in March 2022 to 110.58 billion naira in April 2022.

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