Take advantage of the diversification of trading strategies

This week on The MarketBeat Podcast, Kate sits with Jason Brown of The Brown Report. Jason is an expert stock and options trading coach, and he shares his thoughts on what’s driving the market right now and how listeners can approach their investing and trading decisions.
Businesses that have profited from home gaming have made 10 years of revenue and profit in one year.
How does this bode for these companies now?
How will rising costs affect corporate profits?
How can you use a call option strategy – along with put options – to express a bullish investment thesis?
How Jason uses charts to determine if a stock has technical support and can be a buy
Should we trade and invest differently? How are the fundamentals taken into account? How should pending news affect your strategy?
How should you handle earnings reports if you own a stock?
How Jason uses put options as insurance when he owns a stock
How short-term trading can affect your financial situation. Jason gives us a specific example of how an exchange allowed
him to pay for a house
When Jason takes a calculated risk to hold a trade through profits
How Jason Diversifies by Strategy, Not Necessarily by Sector and Industry
How can you account for when you go wrong in your investing and trading strategies?
Actions mentioned in this episode
Microsoft (MSFT)
Apple (AAPL)
DocuSign (DOCU)
Where to find Jason:
Instagram: Brown Report
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Thebrownreport
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