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Intraday trading is all about understanding the market and precise timing. Intraday strategy works only after following technical indicators, analysis, execution, practical and proper risk management. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of intraday trading strategies, so that you can better understand intraday trading. Beginners can use this strategy if they want to start trading. If you practice it regularly, you can become an expert in it. If you want to avoid losses when trading intraday, it is very important to safeguard your risk with a stop-loss limit. You need to find out about your trading style that suits your nature and presumptions. To learn more about bitcoin trading, you can check why innocent people should trust the bitcoin transfer .

There are a few trading strategies that have triumphed, which are listed below.

  1. Momentum Trading Strategy

Intraday trading strategies where daily volatility is shown to find the moving stocks, so you can get around 20-35% of the stocks. The moves shown are called momentum and these are traced back to the stock using a stock scanner. To a large extent, these stocks are capable of trending above the moving average without resistance. In the momentum trading strategy, traders constantly try to pick high volume stocks and move in the same direction. For early traders, the momentum strategy works best when volume is high or for hours. If you adopt the strategy, you can earn a lot of money safely, you also need to be very careful while trading.

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  1. Pullback Trading Strategy

A pullback condition is created when a move starts from the opposite direction to the long-term trend. The pullback strategy helps the trader follow the trend. A pullback should never be confused with a trend reversal. Once a breakout occurs, a pullback is one of the best buying opportunities.

If you are looking for a new investment, look to get a broker who is fluent in ECN Forex.  It may be the best decision.

  1. Reverse Trading Strategy

Intraday reversal strategy in which traders tend to look for stocks that are trading up and down. They have a good chance of reversing the path. Traders typically expect stocks to move even after using the stop mark when the stock’s move reverses. The trade is not executed until the reversal value reaches the trader’s anticipated limit.

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  1. CFD Strategy

To make profits in intraday trading, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge and knowledge. But there is nothing like this in CFDs, these tools are very easy to use and user friendly for the trader. CFDs help to refer to the difference between the exit points and the entry of a trade.

  1. Moving Average Crossover Strategy

It comes in the form of a price crossover strategy capable of indicating whether the price of a stock is above or below a moving average, thus providing a reversal signal. If you want to see the price action’s movement across the moving average, it’s very easy to see. A crossover indicates an uptrend when it moves above the moving average. And the crossover under the downtrend is considered the best formula for intraday trading.


If seen after trading techniques, then most types of intraday trading are there. Trading without prior knowledge can be risky, so you need to be well informed. Note that you should always start the business with small funds as you can also deposit your hard earned money there. Most traders invest around 2% of their capital per trade. You can use stop loss for risk management. It is more advisable to trade regularly in this world of trading.

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