Dynasty Fantasy Football Trading Strategies That Can Win Your League

PFN’s Dynasty 101 series continues with arguably the most important part of Dynasty fantasy football leagues – trade. Let’s discuss trading in Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues and the different trading strategies you can implement when trying to strike a deal.

In the redesigned leagues, the only trades you can make are player-to-player deals, and each team has the same goal: to improve their team for the current season. When it comes to Dynasty, two teams can make a deal where each has completely different goals.

What are the main business strategies of Dynasty and how should you, as a manager, negotiate a deal?

Always be ready to negotiate

We have all experienced this frustration. You text a manager in your league to discuss a trade. The manager responds by telling you that the player you are interested in is “untradeable”. Each player is tradeable at the fair price.

If a fellow manager contacts you to discuss a trade, have a conversation. The worst that can happen is that you don’t work on something. You never know how the talks might go. I have seen exchanges finalized involving completely different actors than those discussed at the beginning. Never turn down a potential opportunity to improve your team.

Open with a reasonable offer

Sending cheap offers is not a productive strategy in Dynasty or any fantasy football league. Few things are more frustrating than when someone sends you an unrealistic offer. No, I won’t send you my RB1 for two WR4s and a second-round rookie draft pick. In fact, I’m weak in RB and strong in WR. Did you even watch my team?

Fantasy managers, in general, tend to focus too much on what they need. When you’re the one making the offer, be better. Analyze the other manager’s team. Where is this weak team? Don’t offer a team loaded with wide receivers more wide receivers. A perfect deal isn’t always possible, but ideally trades should benefit both teams. It starts with good faith negotiations resulting from a reasonable first offer.

Know where your team is

Now we get into more dynasty-specific stuff. Not all trades will be player for player. Many trades will be unbalanced for the current season, but unbalanced the other way in future seasons. Such is the nature of a fantasy football format where teams have different annual goals.

Are you in winning mode now? If you are, your business partners should rebuild teams with helpful veterans. Offer them draft picks from rookies and young players who haven’t contributed yet to established players who can help you right away.

Are you rebuilding? Do the opposite. Know when it’s not your year and start planning for the future. Send your 29-year-old WR2 to a team vying for a few first- or second-year players and a rookie draft pick.

Not sure which direction to take? Maybe the trade market can answer the question for you. Explore your options. Start a conversation. Maybe you land a phenomenal deal with a competitor that sets you up very well for the next few years. Or maybe you find a manager who really wants one of your young players and is willing to overpay with veterans who can help you win now. You will never know if you don’t try. It can’t hurt to just text.

Target market inefficiencies

This can mean several things, so let me use the most common example – injured players. Whenever a fantastic stallion suffers a serious injury, there’s usually something to do.

If you’re trying to win now and lose an RB1 or WR2 in September, sell that player to a multiplayer rebuild team that can help you immediately. On the other hand, injured players can help turn a struggling franchise around very quickly. If you’re in full tank mode, buy an injured player or two at a deep discount.

Another type of market inefficiency can take the form of actors being trapped in unfavorable situations. It can be a talented young RB stuck behind a veteran starter. It can be a wide receiver in the last year of his contract with a bad team that you know will play elsewhere the following season.

Acquiring these players a year early can turn your team into a juggernaut in no time. Things are changing fast in the NFL. When you can anticipate these changes, it can be extremely valuable to your Dynasty roster.

Be patient

This is especially true in Dynasty Leagues, especially in off-season trades. There’s plenty of time. If someone tells you you have a day to respond or the deal is off, just tell them the deal is off. Unless there is a specific reason why a transaction is urgent, be patient.

Don’t make rash decisions. Take the time to reflect and encourage your business partners to do the same. This will work to your advantage in the future and help build trust, which is especially important when competing in leagues with people you don’t know.

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