Fund Your Dreams With Binomo’s Best Trading Strategies

Understanding the dynamics of a financial market is a very complex process. The market facilitates the trading of financial instruments such as stocks, commodities, currencies, derivatives and bonds by buyers and sellers. Essentially, financial markets facilitate the movement of capital between those who need funds and those who have capital to invest.

To overcome the challenges of trading in the financial markets, traders can use several trend trading strategies. In order to determine the direction in which financial assets are moving, traders use trading trends.

One trade trend may give you success, but it might not work for another trader. Trade trends therefore suit different traders in different ways. Even then, choosing an ideal trend is up to the trader and can be influenced by factors such as price, previous performance, historical trends, preferences, etc.

Financial markets rely heavily on trend trading to help traders identify and make decisions about investing in stocks or exiting an investment. Trends in the financial market can be categorized into bullish, bearish, sideways and intraday.

Here are the top FIVE trading trends you could use on Binomial to hone your trading skills:


A rise in asset prices indicates uptrend. The majority of traders enter the market in order to take advantage of the uptrend by executing a long position in order to reach the higher price. When the price of a particular company’s stock goes up $10, down $5, then up again $8, the asset price is generally on the rise, as shown by higher highs and lower lows. lower.


A downtrend occurs when the price of an asset is steadily falling. As a result, traders make their way through the market by placing short positions in the lowest priced assets. Traders will notice a downtrend if, for example, the price of a stock/asset falls $40, then rises $20, then falls $15 again. In contrast, a downtrend is manifested by lower highs and lower lows in the price of the asset.

Lateral tendency

A sideways trend is a movement in the price of an asset, or a static market, that does not reach either the lowest or the highest point. This usually happens when demand and supply are roughly equal. The trend is usually seen during a period of consolidation before the price either reverses into a new trend or shows a prior trend.

In the chart below, a horizontal price movement can be seen between the highs and the lows – indicating that there is a price channel in which additional revenue can be generated.

Intraday trend

It is known as short-term trend trading because traders constantly monitor prices throughout the day in order to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations. For example, if there is an uptrend during the day that includes higher relative highs and lows, a trader would place a limit order before the low, then immediately before the next low just in case. the trend would reverse abruptly.

Keeping a constant eye on the intraday trend can be beneficial when following a downtrend, as it incorporates a short-selling technique, commonly used by short-term traders.

Engage in “position trading”

Position trading is perhaps the most popular long-term trading strategy. Long-term trading involves holding a position for a long period of time and reaping the benefits of the uptrend. For example, a few weeks, months or even years are considered long term.

Long-term traders base their decisions on fundamental analysis that examines the future direction and trend of the market. As a result, traders gain a long-term view of the financial market and are less concerned with day-to-day fluctuations.

As with traditional investments, position trading involves traders who are interested in markets with narrow price ranges and clearly defined markets rather than highly volatile markets.

Trade trend indicators

To determine trading strategies and trends, traders should also use technical indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Parabolic SAR.

More profitable trading on Binomial is usually done using the MACD, which allows traders to determine market momentum. This oscillating indicator is effective for identifying new trends and for examining bullish and bearish trends.

Trading professionals use the RSI to determine the direction of a market and whether the momentum is speeding up or slowing down. This indicator is commonly used to analyze opportunities and determine if a stock is overvalued or struggling, which affects the general direction of the price trend.

One of the indicators that traders can observe on the Binomial surface is the parabolic SAR. Traders are able to determine current trends using the ‘stop and reverse system’, also known as the short term trend reversal system. Moreover, it helps to analyze price direction and identify potential reversals.

What makes Binomo the premier trading platform?

The big question, why should you opt for Binomo? The answer is quite simple!! Binomial is one of the leading trading platforms in the world, offering high quality services and support, including tutorials for new and experienced traders as well as 24/7 customer support. By using the chart scanner, users can gain valuable insights into market trends.

Chart scanners help traders determine the direction of the trend. It is composed of seven moving averages (MA) based on several time periods and calculations. These moving averages (MA) indicate the direction of the trend. The chart scanners show the number of high, low and neutral signals received. The more similar signals there are, the stronger the trend and the more likely it is to continue.

All indicators, however, have the potential to give misleading signals. To ensure success in trading, it is imperative to use a variety of instruments. Although the Chart Scanner displays the results of various indicators, it does not guarantee success. Traders must therefore make well-researched decisions.

Traders should keep in mind that no trend or approach can guarantee 100% success, as trading involving OTC financial instruments is inherently risky. Traders should only engage in trading if they are confident in their financial capability.

Become an official trader today by trusting your future with Binomialthe remarkable online trading platform you can rely on!!

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