Stock trader David Kang tells the story of his success

Trading in the stock market can be quite risky, especially if you know that is where your return on investment lies. Trading in stocks can also be difficult when you have to make tough decisions that can be unpopular. This situation is where a master trader separates himself from amateurs. Securities trader David Kang has dedicated his life to helping hobbyist traders learn the ins and outs of the stock market to multiply their wealth. When Kang first started trading he was a teenager desperate to make money. Now a millionaire, he wants his story to be a source of inspiration for future entrepreneurs and investors to follow in his footsteps.

Kang comes from a lower middle class family. Since his childhood he has been drawn to music and enjoys playing the violin. He even won several violin competitions across the United States in Los Alamos, New Mexico; Houston, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. At 17, David saw the real face of the struggle when his parents were seriously injured and became unemployed. Needing money, he realized that being a violinist probably wouldn’t end his financial difficulties – he was even rejected by his girlfriend’s parents because he failed to make a good impression in as a violinist.

Dealing with these harsh realities of life was not easy for teens Kang, whose only dream was to pursue a career as a violinist. He started studying psychology in his first year of college while learning music to continue his scholarship. At 18, David discovered the world of random stocks from a trading app. Feeling the need to make money more than a degree, he followed someone on the app and invested his hard-saved $ 2,000 in shares of a biotech company. In less than 30 minutes, Kang saw the value of his shares skyrocket and immediately sold them for a few hundred dollars in profit. Stock trading then caught his interest as he found it to be a quick way to earn a few bucks.

Kang didn’t dream of owning a Ferrari or a yacht – he just wanted to earn a lot of money for a financially secure life. He focused more on the study of stocks and investments. As a result, his academic grade went down, but his bank balance skyrocketed. By the time he left college, Kang was known as an expert trader. He used the money he earned from trading to invest more in real estate and cryptocurrency. Lots of people started following him on the trading app he was using, and some even asked him for coaching.

This led to the birth of Prosperity Trading, a platform to guide amateur traders on stocks and investment strategies. Owned by Kang, the platform currently has a team of skilled professionals working alongside it to guide amateurs with resources to enhance their trading experience. Prosperity Trading’s mentoring program includes trading lessons, videos, eBooks, scanners / tools and a 24/7 chat room. Kang also shares his personal trading experience with the students and shows them his recent investments, explaining the reason for every small investment he makes.

Today, Kang is now a role model for other traders, paving the way for many new investors to become millionaires through stocks. He wants others to live their dream lifestyle without getting tired until their last breaths.

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