How the death of his puppy led this stock trader to create an end-to-end pet care start-up in India


For dog parent Manish Paul, the death of her French Bulldog Mastiff puppy was the last straw. As someone who has had dogs since the age of 9, he was not new to pet parenting, but being solely responsible for a puppy was new to him. Like most pet parents, he has used the internet to find resources that could help him on his journey to raising his new puppy.

While details about vets and pet hospitals were readily available online, the information was scattered, disorganized, and not very up to date. For other information including pet groomers, trainers and nutritionists, he had to turn to his friends and family and take their word for it when they vouched for people.

When his puppy suddenly passed away from a common dog illness that many puppy parents face – bloat – he realized there was a serious lack of a pet community in India where problems, like the one he had encountered, could be quickly resolved. If there had been a community of pet parents, Manish could have quickly messageed for advice and been able to do something to save his puppy.

Most of the pet services in India are autonomous and non-unified businesses under one umbrella. Same Discovery is a chore, especially as one moves away from metropolitan cities.

Manish decided to do something and started Monkoodog, a platform that brings all kinds of pet services together under one roof and helps pet parents not only to discover and access them easily, but also to assess the quality of services based on reviews. other parents of animals.

Most importantly, the app-based platform, available on iOS and Android, helps pet parents track their pet’s vaccination and deworming schedules, track their growth, and find other pets to proximity for socialization.

Before starting Monkoodog with the co-founders Himani Baisla and Abhishek Singh, Manish has spent over 13 years in the financial industry specializing in derivatives and algo trading. Among them three, they have three dogs and two cats.

Screenshots of the Monkoodog app (Image credit: Monkoodog)

Business model and turnover

The platform saw 3,000 pet registrations purely organic, without spending any money on marketing and only through word of mouth and through their own social media.

Manish started Monkoodog first as Youtube channel where he made videos on animal care, home tags, training etc. 50,000 subscribers and over six million views in total. After building up a substantial customer base, he decided to create a business around it. He saw validation for his idea from the start after a number of viewers of the channel reported deficiencies in the Indian pet service industry.

“The idea was to create a platform that would bring everyone in the pet service industry together, and get them to talk and collaborate with each other to serve pet parents as best as possible. way possible, ”Manish said. Your story.

The start does not generate income currently, and focuses only on generate traction, enroll new service providers, get details of much needed services for parents of animals such as crematoriums, pet taxis, ambulance services, lifeguards etc.

In the future however, Monkoodog aims to charge service providers a small commission for each appointment, she takes part in making an appointment via her platform.

The start is self-financed so far, the founders investing more than Rs 40 lakh of their own money. They are in the process of lifting their first institutional round.

Along with services, the startup has also formed a community pet parents on the app who can learn from each other, as well as log in to play offline.

Screenshot of the Monkoodog app (Image credit: Monkoodog)

“Think of Monkoodog as Google + Facebook for pets. You can find out everything about your pets and you can count on a great community of pet parents to support you through the process of their breeding, ”said Manish.

Future plans

Manish envisions Monkoodog becoming a one-stop-shop for information, and a centralized platform which stores information about pets, including vaccination, deworming and grooming schedules.

In the future, the founder hopes consolidate some pet service providers – groomers, trainers, pet sitters, etc. internally offer. The service providers would operate as part of Monkoodog and use the platform to find new customers.

“So the next time a pet parent searches for a grooming service in a city they don’t live in, the Monkoodog tag will tell them that this is a service they can trust.” », Explains Manish.

The start up saw a lot of traffic and traction in the WE, and sets up a team to strengthen its presence there. According to its internal data, India is its second market. Its competitors in India are notably PetNest, Heads Up for Tails and VetCo, among others.

India’s pet care industry has more than doubled from Rs 1,594.8 crore in 2015 to Rs 3,701.99 crore in 2021, mainly thanks to pet products, food and services, according to a report by Euromonitor International. Monkoodog is well positioned to capture a share of this growing market.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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