SquaredFinancial announces partnership with Lusis for AI-powered trading strategies


SquaredFinancial, the fintech trading platform, has announced a partnership with French software publisher Lusis to launch 2 AI-based trading strategies that have proven to be reliable and efficient.

This is part of the company’s strategy to combine cutting-edge technology and platforms to help its customers and the company said it has seen a more than 40% increase in its user base over a period of time. of 12 months ending in June. The 2 AI strategies will be launched in the coming months and the company has also said that this will only be the beginning and that more AI-based strategies will be introduced to the platform in the future so that its users have a wide choice of strategies to choose from.

Philippe Ghanem, Executive Chairman of Squared Financial, said: “Our partnership with Lusis is great news for our clients. It allows us to take advantage of the latest AI developments in algorithmic trading to provide them with the best possible execution. We look forward to a long term partnership with Lusis as we continue to develop new AI strategies. “

One of the AI ​​strategies would combine the previous days’ price action and indicators with the London opening price to complete a single trade during the morning. The other AI strategy uses intraday price action from the Tokyo and London sessions and combines them with indicators to decide the New York session later in the day. Both were evaluated in 2020/21 and the fact that the company chose these 2 strategies to be the first AI-based strategies on their platform should mean that they performed well during the reporting period.

Philippe Préval, CEO of Lusis, said: “We are proud to partner with SquaredFinancial, they are changing perceptions on how a FinTech business should be operated. AI is at the heart of our strategy for the years to come in trading as in other areas of activity such as payment fraud, credit scoring, loyalty or recommendations. We look forward to further developing our partnership as we introduce new products to the market. “

Various FX brokers continue to upgrade and expand the functionality of their platform to stand out from the competition and make it attractive for traders to choose their platform. Nowadays, brokers have turned more to social trading and provide more tools and strategies for traders to make decisions and ensure that these are unique to their platform so that traders and traders alike. investors stick around.


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