7 crypto day trading strategies tailored to your investment


You can trade and earn with cryptocurrencies using different approaches. One of them is traded daily. Day trading will give you the opportunity to earn a constant amount of money per day.

This article is intended to provide what it takes to trade for a living. We also aim to provide what it takes to be successful as a day trader.

It is essential to have a structured approach and a rules-based strategy when trading. It would help if you had a cryptocurrency trading strategy to protect your balance. The crypto market has now become a roller coaster due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Day trading strategies

The crypto market requires you to fully understand how it works. Day trading in the crypto market can be very lucrative due to the high volatility. Here is a plan for you to trade quickly.

  1. Decide if you want to own the cryptocurrency or if you doubt the value will go up and down. If you are going to use cryptocurrency, you need an exchange.
  2. Have a trading portfolio. You can open wallets that offer you huge benefits thanks to Quantum AI, bitcoin wallets, coinbase, among others. Keep in mind that it is possible to lose money. Your capital is at risk during day trading because it is always in trading.
  3. If you are trading, you need to watch out for overbought and oversold areas. Overbought means buyers have saturated their needs and stock will run out, while oversold means the opposite.
  4. Scalpers take advantage of the increased trading volume to profit from it. Scalpers can exit a trade within minutes of entering and still exit before any fluctuation or change. You can be a day trade scalper before the unexpected happens.
  5. A day trader can try arbitrage. Arbitrage involves buying currencies in one market and selling them in another at a higher price. Crypto allows everyone to create an exchange. In the crypto market, traders hold a portfolio on an exchange that they trade. To initiate an arbitrage opportunity, open accounts on exchanges that you think will have very different prices for the same asset.
  6. Range trading is a strategy that involves candlestick analysis. Range traders seek market analysis within the market structure and create trading ideas within these ranges. The concept of range trading is based on the belief that range limits will hold up as support and friction until the range is broken. Range trading is a straightforward strategy and may be suitable for beginners.
  7. High frequency trading is a strategy generally used by quantitative traders. It is about developing trading algorithms. They are created to implement very complex strategies. It requires your understanding of advanced market concepts. It is particularly suitable for experienced traders due to its complexity.

How to start trading with cryptocurrency

There are few things to consider before you start. It can be very stressful and demanding as it requires quick taking and execution of actions. It can also be risky and require a solid understanding of the market.

Can You Handle Stress While Losing Money? You need to determine if day trading is right for your investment and your personal style.


Whatever strategy you crave, you must be prepared to accept losses in a volatile market like cryptocurrency. Invest in the coin you believe in, even if it’s only for a day.

Keep in mind that the market offers endless opportunity. Stop playing it safe, missing out on a golden opportunity. Trading is more than being emotional. You have to stick to it through thick and thin.


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