Gold attracts young investors who trade online


It could be a case of “if you build it, they will come”. In this particular case, it is the Royal Mint of UK, whose online trading platform is generating more business in the form of young retail traders.

“The Mint, which is 100% owned by the Treasury, said young investors were drawn to its new digital platform for investing in gold,” said a BBC News article noted. “The investments are backed by gold stored in the vaults of the Royal Mint.”

This is good news for Royal Mint, which is discounting higher income due to increased business activity and new accounts.

“He reported pre-tax profits of £ 12.4million in the last financial year, up from a loss of £ 200,000 the year before,” the article added.

Other companies are taking note and are offering their own digital platforms.

“A multitude of companies are now offering gold investments to young digital savvy investors,” adds the article. “The interest of young DIY investors, investing their money in investments ranging from cryptocurrencies to environmental assets, prompted the city watchdog to research the risks they were taking.”

A changing market

Investing in gold was once the playground for investors with treasure chests for investing in gold. Not to mention the space needed to store physical gold if that was their intention.

Nowadays, investing in gold through digital platforms has made it easier for new investors to enjoy liquidity. With the ability to buy and sell gold holdings without having to physically store it, it is attracting more investors than ever before.

In addition, the peak of the pandemic last year has accelerated interest in gold. The precious metal was a safe haven amid the volatility of the stock markets.

According to the BBC News article, digital savings were a popular product among gold investment companies. Regarding specific products, it is the gold coins that have generated some interest.

“As consumer habits change, we have decided to reinvent the Royal Mint and secure our long-term future as a UK manufacturer.

“By deliberately expanding into areas that complement our heritage, we have been able to attract thousands of clients to precious metals, showcase British craftsmanship and achieve record revenues. We may be 1,100 years old, but we are resolutely looking to the future.

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