10 Ultimate Online Cryptocurrency Trading Courses


by Priya Dialani

May 31, 2021

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The cryptocurrency bubble is so popular that it has made almost everyone take a peek into this bubble and learn more about this growing trend. Well, I’m a hobbyist too, but there is always an urge to learn more about cryptocurrency. Therefore, I have tried digging for some self-paced online courses that teach cryptocurrency trading. To my amazement, there are many online cryptocurrency trading courses that range from the basics to the advanced and help you learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

Some are free cryptocurrency trading courses and some are advanced courses for people who know the basics and want to hone their cryptocurrency trading skills. Here are the best online crypto trading courses that can help you learn all about cryptocurrency.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency explained

Price: Free

This free crypto trading course is offered by the College of Michigan on Coursera. This course first addresses the technical fundamentals of blockchain and reviews key ideas such as decentralization and consensus algorithms. The steep rise in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has forced the world to invest in cryptocurrencies. This course will provide information and knowledge about the Blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin.

Coursera (Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies) offered by Princeton University

Price: Free

This free crypto trading course by Coursera introduces the essential concepts of cryptography and then connects them to the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Through videos, you can learn how decentralization is carried out, how Bitcoin mining works and how Bitcoins are stored. You will also learn about altcoins and their future. The course is offered by Princeton University, and however no certificate is issued at the end of the course, the information and how it is shared is a useful prologue to the principles of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, with an emphasis on the security of Bitcoin.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investing Course I

Price: Rs. 8 640

This comprehensive cryptocurrency investing course helps students master the inner workings of cryptocurrency and quickly exposes them to investing techniques by highlighting living patterns of buying, transferring, and switching. use of portfolios as well as portfolio management techniques for passive and active investing.

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained

Price: Free

Offered by UC Berkeley, it offers two courses on blockchain technology. Blockchain at Berkeley strives to open up as much of this content as possible to create the amount of data open to the community. Currently, UC Berkeley is working with four unique organizations on Blockchain projects including Airbus, Exxon, and Qualcomm, in addition to other Blockchain platforms like Cosmos and IOTA.

Handbook of cryptoeconomics

Price: Free

This scaled-down course offered by the Ivey Business School in Canada (in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario), is built around a crash course on bitcoin in the context of economic impact and elements of bitcoin activities. Although this is a crash course, it offers ideas for important topics around a broader economic impact.

Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading

Price: Rs. 8 640

Udemy’s Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading course offers students five digital currency trading techniques as well as tested and ready-to-use Expert Advisors (EA) robots, making it our choice as the best course for trading strategies. peak. Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading offers five manual and automatic techniques that expand the risk between cryptocurrencies and remove feelings from the trading interaction. You can get access to five free EAs that can help you try your hand at algorithmic cryptocurrency trading without any programming skills.

Bitcoin Trading Course: Formula to Never Lose Cryptocurrency

Price: Free

The Bitcoin trading course will require you to trade Bitcoin both ways. You will learn how to make profit when the cost goes up and when the cost goes down. In this course, Petko Aleksandrov – Senior Tutor at EA Forex Academy, will give you the “Never Losing Formula” cryptocurrency he created for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Petko shows a simple Bitcoin trading course using value price action analysis. You will know exactly where and when you need to enter the market.

The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course by PiggiBacks

Price: Rs. 51,000

The PiggiBacks course is one of the holistic and continuing online crypto trading courses. You will have access to over 33 training recordings that can get you nuts and bolts in cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis techniques. You can see an outline of the educational plan before registering. Plus, the course fee gives you lifetime membership in the PiggiBacks community.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Investing For Beginners

Price: Rs. 6,080

In this online crypto trading course, you will learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency fundamentals: how to buy, sell and trade, etc. Specially intended for beginners, you will learn step by step how to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo, and other altcoins. Plus, learn the basics of a cryptocurrency trading chart.

The complete course on cryptocurrencies: more than 5 courses in 1

Price: Rs. 8 640

This is the ultimate Cryptocurrency Course as it covers over five main topics namely: Cryptocurrency Investing, Cryptocurrency Mining, Cryptocurrency Wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain, creating a diverse portfolio, etc. Each topic has a comprehensive course that covers in depth the different investment options, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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