GameStop Stock Trader Donates Nintendo Switch Consoles To Children’s Hospital

After making $ 30,000 of trading actions in GameStop, Hunter Kahn decided to use some of the money to give back to his community. The 20-year-old student donated six Nintendo Switch Lite consoles to Children’s Minnesota Hospital, along with a stack of games and accessories … all purchased from GameStop, of course! Kahn shared his donation on Reddit, along with a post about the importance of paying for your own fortune. In an interview with CNN, Kahn said the overall value of consoles, games and peripherals is around $ 2,000, and the student plans to use the rest to pay for his tuition at the Cornell University.

Kahn’s Reddit post can be found below.

I am proud to do my part by rewarding our good fortune by donating 6 Nintendo Switches and games to accompany them to Children’s Minnesota Hospital. I can not stop. Won’t stop. GameStop. (Still 50 shares long I WILL NOT SELL) from r / wallstreetbets

There has been a lot of negative publicity surrounding GameStop’s stock market drama over the past week, and some are still doing their best to make sense of the whole picture. Either way, it’s nice to see some of the recipients donating the money they’ve earned to a good cause. According to CNN, patients at the hospital are already taking advantage of the newly donated consoles; it certainly seems like a way to get away from it all, when some kids might benefit the most! Not only is Kahn’s gift generous, but it’s also a thoughtful gift that should make a lot of kids happy.

It will be interesting to see if other GameStop beneficiaries follow Kahn’s lead! Kahn’s Reddit post has received a very positive reception, with over 181,000 upvotes, at the time of writing. The post also saw a number of accolades from Kahn’s other posters, with some calling him “the real Robinhood,” a clear reference to the app that kept users from purchasing GameStop shares last week. . While Kahn has clearly made quite a bit of money on the stock, the Reddit poster remains invested; he still has 50 shares that he does not intend to sell.

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