Now Kelly Loeffler Can Trade Stock With Surrender

Today, Kelly Loeffler will do as she always has since her appointment to the United States Senate a year ago, that is to say to belittle oneself and smear its own heritage, as it is, in an equally derisory and dangerous effort to subvert democracy. The New York Stock Exchange Billionaire’s Senator, with deep roots in the farmland of, uh, illinois, will be part of a doomed coup attempt to put Donald Trump in the White House for another four years despite what voters and the Constitution say. In the case, of course, she has good reason to ignore voters, as the pathetic pantomime will be one of the last things she does on Capitol Hill, as it turns out. she is no better at winning the election that the guy for whom she shilling.

With 98% of the votes counted, Warnock is ahead of Loeffler from 50.4% to 49.6% … “We are going to win this election”, [Loeffler] noted. “We have a path to victory and we are staying there. “

Well you don’t, and neither did your old college David Perdue, but look on the bright side: you can both do whatever stock trades you want right now. And you don’t have to worry about the unpleasantness of renting your airplane hangar – everyone has one, right?to the US Marshals so they can watch the protesters, and maybe you can even do Something about disorder to your purse, maybe with the help of the guy you vehemently and helplessly try to drive away from the desk he’s won?

The New York Stock Exchange is proceeding with a plan to delist three major Chinese telecommunications companies, its second about-face this week…. The decision is based on “new specific guidance received on Jan. 5, 2021, which the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control provided to the NYSE,” the exchange said in a statement on Wednesday. “Issuers have the right to reconsider this decision. “

The movements of the NYSE also caused consternation among investors as to the final impact on the companies in question, which are all in telecommunications…. “The last thing the NYSE wants to do is write off these Chinese companies,” added [Jones Day partner Alan] Appear….

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