Research Sources Every Trader Should Know About

The stock market is about how much information you can use in an applied situation. Some people think it’s a chance to win big on the next awesome title, and some think it’s all about analysis, but the reality is, it’s a combination of the two.

Being able to do your own research is a core belief of many savvy investors that will help you become a smarter trader and stock picker. The key is to give yourself the best resources for success, and here are some that every knowledgeable stock trader and junkie should know.


It would be easy to include almost any form of social media, but the reason Twitter is so useful is how easy it is to digest information on their platform. With only a small amount of space (280 characters) and the ability to attach only a few media items, Twitter can provide you with quick and up-to-date information on stock updates and trade watches very quickly. It is an incredibly handy social media platform for traders who always want to be in the know.

Investment reports

There are many different investment reports out there, so it would be difficult to list them all. Some are produced by groups, websites, or businesses, and others are created by individuals who have been successful as traders. The best part is you can read reviews about them and see what people think about them. Review of Fry’s investment report gives you a good idea of ​​what to expect from this report. There are a lot of them, so there is no shortage, and many of them are free, which can help your budget for inventory needs.

The Wall Street Journal

One of the main resources for any trader to use is the Wall Street Journal. With a combination of full stock breakdowns, up-to-date stock tickers, interviews, hands-on investing videos, and any kind of financial advice you can imagine, this is a website you need to. have bookmarked on your computer and saved as an app on your phone. WSJ has been used and trusted by many major brokers in the financial world because of its consistency, so you should pay attention to that as well.


Likewise, Investopedia is another great online resource that functions as a major compendium of financial knowledge. Much like Wikipedia’s general knowledge encyclopedia, Investopedia is a dedicated encyclopedia that focuses on financial literacy. There are many lessons out there that can help even the most beginner traders learn everything they need to start making trades on their own. These online resources are incredibly handy because they are available anywhere you have a service or internet connection, so you can always learn.


MarketWatch is another good resource for beginners. This resource is similar to the Wall Street Journal in that it offers more information than instructional lessons for beginners. It gives a good overview of world events, world markets and includes a live ticker for these markets so you can see how your investments are doing. You can also subscribe to receive the latest information directly in your notifications.

Trade simulators

Your stockbroker may or may not offer this, but you can always find a trading simulator (many of them for free) that can help you hone your skills in trading situations. These trade simulators allow you to tailor your proposed trades to see how you would behave in a real market situation. If you learn the ropes, you can help find strategies and read charts better. The more you learn these skills in applicable contexts, the more prepared you will be to make real gains in the market.

Search for leading investors

The last resource you need to familiarize yourself with if you want to be a successful all-around trader is to research how top investors do it. People like Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch represent the top of the food chain when it comes to smart investment, and you can learn a lot by reading how they work and finding out what you can learn from them. Sometimes the best resource is to sit down and listen to what people have to say. Being a good trader isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible, as many believe. You need to educate yourself, which means you need the right resources like the ones listed here.

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