Amazon engineer lets random people trade stocks with $50,000 of his money

If Pac Man or Dig Dug meddled in the stock market, their trading screens would likely look a lot like the one created by Mike Roberts.

The brave (or crazy) Amazon AMZN,
engineer Tuesday launched “StockStream,” a crowdsourced approach to stock trading.

Basically, Roberts has staked his own $50,000, Twitch users vote on exactly what to buy and sell, trades are executed automatically on Robinhood, and it’s all displayed in graphics straight out of the 80s. .

So far, over 100,000 visitors have stopped by. When last checked, the account was up almost $100, with about half of the wallet in cash.

Could be worse.

If you look long enough, you’ll see a steady stream of the kinds of names you’d expect. TeslaTSLA,
and AppleAAPL,
for example, are popular votes.

Players are rated based on the performance of their choices.

“Before today, I was a little skeptical — I thought I might lose money fast, but things seem to be going well,” Roberts told Polygon in an interview. He ended Tuesday’s session with a portfolio valued at $50,055.94.

Roberts also tweets updates on the portfolio’s progress:

If players want the fun to continue, they better vote wisely. Due to Finra/SEC regulations, trading will stop if the account value falls below $25,000.

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