Kotak Securities Launches ‘Stock Trader’ App on Windows Platform for Mobile Phones

Kotak Securities today announced the launch of its mobile stock trading application – Kotak Stock Trader (KST) on the Windows mobile platform. This is in addition to the app already available on other operating systems like iOS, BB, Android and J2ME apps.

KST allows Windows mobile phone users to transact, check wallet and account details, stream market updates on the go, among several other features. The KST mobile app is free to download.

KST for Windows is designed for a seamless trading experience anytime, anywhere, said B Gopkumar, Executive Vice President and Chief Brokerage Officer, Kotak Securities.

Non-clients can also get streaming data, access quotes, view charts and watchlists. Kotak Securities has over 1.5 lakh customers who use the KST mobile trading app, 40% of which are guest users

Strong points

* Only Kotak Securities offers guest login for non-clients. The guest version of Kotak Apps allows non-Kotak Securities clients to register and use the app to gather real-time market insights. However, to make a transaction or place an order, one must open an account with Kotak Securities.

* The app provides real-time streaming quotes.

* Trades made through the mobile app can be viewed, modified or canceled through other trading platforms offered by Kotak Securities (KEATPro X, Website, Xtralite, Call-and-Trade) and vice-versa

* Double security feature during transaction execution

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